The Newfin Family

Newfin is a privately owned company that helps people who don't qualify through the traditional finance houses on a rent to own basis.

Currently only two to three out of ten applications for hire purchase (HP) are being approved by traditional finance houses, there is an ever-increasing market for our services.

Newfin's qualifying criteria includes the income of the applicant and the partner so that we look at the households combined disposable income to give the customer a better chance to get finance.

We also work closely with used car dealerships in obtaining information on potential buyers that have been declined by the banks. The advantage that we have is that we can do our own credit vetting of the bank declined deals before we see the customer.

We strive to become the leader in financing bank-declined customers and to support customers on improving their credit profile. We have helped over 900 customers over a period of 6 years

Our Values